The Ready Set Ride Commute Challenge is a new way to encourage your employees to drive alone less in October.  Participants can make a pledge and log walking, biking, transit, carpool. vanpool, or teleworking trips Oct. 22-28 for a chance to win prizes and challenge friends and co-workers. This friendly competition will operate a lot like May is Bike Month , our popular spring cycling campaign that attracts nearly 10,000 participants each year!

There are many benefits to participating in this free fall campaign. Staff are available to discuss media opportunities, provide incentives and promotional items to your employees, and to coordinate events.

Exposure for your Organization
Participating employers will have the opportunity to earn media opportunities throughout September and October. Such opportunities include recognition on social media, email and other digital platforms. Top performing employers will have the opportunity to be recognized in a Sacramento Business Journal ad mid-November.  In addition to this media exposure, top employers will also be mentioned at the November SACOG Board Meeting.

Promotes Friendly Competition & Increases Employee Engagement
Friendly competitions among similar employers and employees can increase motivation and also improve performance while encouraging participants to cooperate and work together effectively.  The Ready Set Ride Commute Challenge will help create an environment at work where your employees can participate and push each other this October by replacing driving alone commutes with walking, biking, using transit, riding in a carpool or vanpool, or teleworking.

A Chance to Win Great Prizes
Participants are entered for a chance to win a grand prize drawing worth $600. One lucky winner will choose between an Arts & Culture or Entertainment staycation package. Participants are also entered to win virtual badges and a daily chance at one of five $20 Amazon gift cards, randomly drawn for those who make a pledge and log trips.

Reduces Congestion and Improves Air Quality
By encouraging your employees to participate, your organization will be contributing to reducing daily traffic congestion, air pollution and fuel consumption.  

Competitive Hiring Advantage
Employers that resources to employees to help them reduce their Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) trips see higher rates of employee satisfaction and engagement and can attract workers who value sustainable workplaces. Offering these benefits demonstrates support of a work-life balance.

Enhanced Corporate Image
Participating in the Ready Set Ride Commute Challenge enhances your corporate image as environmentally and worker friendly company.

Healthier Employees
Commuting can have serious health consequences. Commuting causes increased rates of depression and anxiety while decreasing levels of physical activity. Providing alternatives to driving alone can counter these effects, decreasing health insurance claims and increasing employee

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