Registering an Employer:
If not already listed in the Employer drop-down menu on the registration form, you may register your employer by clicking the "Register your employer" link below the dropdown menu. Make sure you double check that your employer is not listed first by checking multiple listing styles so duplicate businesses are not created (ie UC Davis and University of California Davis).

If you have already completed your individual registration but would now like to join or create a team, log into the site and click the Edit Profile link in the navigation bar. Then, by Employer, select your employer from the drop-down menu. If you do not see your employer listed, click "Register new employer;" enter your employer name, then make sure you choose that employer name from the drop-down menu. Make sure you double check that your employer is not listed first by checking multiple listing styles so duplicate businesses are not created (ie UC Davis and University of California Davis).  Once you have completed editing your profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "SAVE CHANGES." Alert your coworkers to follow the same instructions above in order to join your employer's team.

How can I register as an individual? I am not employed and would like to participate.
When registering, select either:

  • Self employed
  • Retired
  • Unemployed
  • Student

I can't login. What do I do?
Please try the Forgot Password function to have your password emailed to you.

If you were unable to receive the forgot password email, you may contact us for assistance.

What if my information has changed from last year?
You will have the opportunity to change any of your information via the Edit Profile page.

Help! I requested my password and haven't received it!
Try checking your SPAM filter and make sure is on your safe list.  If you still haven't received your password after doing this, please contact us for help.  As a reminder, if you have participated in the campaign in previous years, you still have to register again each year to log trips for Ready Set Ride Commute Challenge.

What if my email address is shared with someone else?
Our system uses emails as unique identifiers to track individuals. You must have your own email address to register. You can sign up for a free email address at many services such as Yahoo! MailGmail (recommended) or MSN Hotmail. If none of these work for your situation, you may create a fake email address in the format:

What if I don't want my name and trips/mileage published?
Sorry, but all participants in the Ready Set Ride Commute Challenge agree to having their name, pledge, trips, and employer name published on this site or other Ready Set Ride promotional materials.

Where do I log trips or miles?   
When you first log in, you are taken directly to the Log Trips page, but you can log trips/miles from any page by clicking "Log Trips" in the upper right corner of any page.  Click HERE to log your trips/miles.

You can also log trips/miles via your smartphone by visiting in your mobile Web browser.

What is the definition of a trip?
A trip is any time you walk, bike, use transit, ride in a carpool or vanpool, or telework from one place to another place.

  • A trip from your home to your work is one commute trip, and the return home at the end of the work day would be a second commute trip.
  • What is the difference between these trip/mileage types: commute and work/meeting?
    • Commute: any commute trip or miles made by walking, biking, using transit, riding in a carpool or vanpool, or teleworking.  
    • Work/Meeting: any work meeting trip or miles made by walking, biking, using transit, riding in a carpool or vanpool, or teleworking for a business meeting.

Can I enter trips/miles for days prior to the date I registered?
Yes, you can change the date in the "Date Ridden" box and the trips/miles will be recorded for the date entered. Only trips made from October 22-28 count towards the Ready Set Ride Commute Challenge.

Where are my trips/miles?  They're not showing up!
Employer and team totals are not updated in real time to improve site performance. There are a lot of you using the site and we don't want any delays to slow you down! Trips logged by individual users should reflect in their employer/team totals within 2 hours of posting.

How do I edit trips/miles I've already logged?
After logging in, click on "Log Trips" in the top right hand section of the page, or go HERE
Scroll down to view Your Stats and click "View/Edit Entries." Locate the entry you want to edit/remove and click the trash can icon to the right. NOTE: this will delete that single entry, so you will have to re-enter your correct data on the Log Trips page. As a reminder, our group totals are not updated in real time to improve site performance so please allow up to 2 hours for your totals to balance and reflect any changes.

How can I sync trips from Commuter Club, Strava or Cycle Sac?
On the Log Trips page, below the form, you will see 1 checkbox where you can request that trips/mileage logged using these other sites/apps will automatically be imported into your Ready Set Ride account. For Commuter Club and Cycle Sac, you must be using the same email address for all accounts you wish to sync. For Strava, the first time you click the checkbox you will be asked to log in to Strava and authorize May Is Bike Month to access your trip data. Once authorized, your Strava and CycleSac miles and trips will automatically be fetched and imported twice daily. Note: Only public activities are pulled from your Strava account. Activities marked as private will not be synced.

I already surpassed my pledge! Can I change it?
Yes. You can change your pledges HERE or by clicking the "Edit Profile" link upon logging in to your account. Scroll down to your Cycling Profile and look for the pledge boxes. Update your pledge numbers and be sure to click "SAVE CHANGES" at the bottom of the page.

How can I view my friends' trips?
You can see pledges and trips logged by other individuals by visiting the Employer Challenge page or Team Challenge page and clicking on your friends' employer. You could also choose to challenge a friend and track their progress against your own on the My Challenges page.

How do I update my contact information or otherwise edit my profile?
Click here to update your registration. This is also accessible via the "Edit Profile" link in the navigation bar. You must be logged in to access your data.  This allows you to edit any portion of your profile from email address and employer to number of trips you want to pledge. Make sure you click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page once you've finished editing.

How do I change my password?
Forgot your password?  Click here to retrieve it, and make sure your spam filter is set to receive emails from

To change your password, click here, or follow the Edit Profile link in the navigation bar on the main page. 

Please delete my account. 
Click here to request to delete your account.  We're sad to see you go! Any trips you have logged will be removed from your group(s) and site totals.

How do I challenge a friend? 
Click HERE to go to the My Challenges page, where you can view standings and challenge a friend, or you can access the Challenges Pages from the main navigation panel.

Can my employer challenge another employer?  Can my city challenge another city?
For now, only individuals and teams can formally challenge each other.  You can compare your employer to other employers by visiting the Employer Challenge page and checking the "Favorite" box next to the specific employers you would like to track. You can compare cities by visiting the City Challenge page.

The person who created my employer or team is no longer participating.  How do I edit this? 
Contact us so we can assist you.

Help! My employer has a duplicate in the system.  What do I do? 
We do our best to monitor this but duplicates are still created each year by people registering.  Please Contact Us so we can merge and remove the duplicates.

How do I earn virtual badges?
For a list of available badges and how to earn them, click HERE.

What is Ready Set Ride Commute Challenge?
The Ready Set Ride Commute Challenge encourages people to drive alone less during the last week of October by walking, biking, using transit, riding in a carpool or vanpool, or teleworking to and from work. This employer-based challenge will inspire people to try any mode of transportation that reduces single occupancy vehicle trips and miles.

I'm looking for resources or help with something related to commuting.
Check out our Helpful Links page HERE. For Sacramento Region Travel Info, click HERE. For Sacramento Region Commuter Club, click HERE. For the DMV bicycle page, HERE.

Help! My trips/miles aren't showing up during the rest of the year, where can I see them?  
Since the campaign is during the last week of October, we only keep track of trips/miles during the last week of October each year.  We applaud you for commuting year-round! Be sure to log your Commute, Errands, and Work/Meeting trips on year-round no matter what mode of transit you use.  You can bid on gift cards that are raffled monthly using points earned each day you log in the trip diary.  Use the same login info you use for

Uh-oh, I'm not receiving emails from Ready Set Ride.
Be sure to check your spam and junk mail settings and include and in your safe sender list.
If you work for a state agency, unfortunately many of their servers do not allow our emails to go through. If you would like to receive these emails we recommend editing your email address to a home email address.
If you are still not receiving emails after taking the steps above, please contact us.