Ready Set Ride with us this October!

The Ready Set Ride Commute Challenge encourages you to drive alone less in October by walking, biking, using transit, riding in a carpool or vanpool, or teleworking. This brand new website is where you will make a pledge and log trips October 22-28 for a chance to win prizes, earn virtual badges, and challenge your friends and co-workers. Registration opens October 1!

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Commuter Champion: Bree Taylor

Name: Bree Taylor

Occupation: Airport Planner

Employer: Sacramento County Department of Airports and vice chair of the 50 Corridor TMA.

Mode type? Transit: Sac RT and Yolo Bus. How long have you been commuting by transit? Four months.

What inspires you to choose transit as your preferred transportation style? There are several reasons but I think the reason to which most people can relate is financial. I did an accounting of how much it was costing me to drive a car: $600 a month! This amount included obvious things like a car payment, insurance and gas but also all those little things that add up: oil changes, car washes, registration fees, event parking, etc. I now have a lot more disposable income than before. Taking transit is much more enjoyable and less stressful than driving to and from work during peak commute times. I also like the feeling of doing my part to reduce emissions and lessen our country’s dependence upon fossil fuels. The final bonus is the additional exercise has caused me to lose weight.

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Commute Champion: Yolanda Tutt

Name: Yolanda Tutt

Occupation: Contract Administrator
Employer: State of California, Department of General Services

Mode type? Vanpool

How long have you been commuting by vanpool? I’ve been commuting via vanpool since July 2017.

What inspires you to choose vanpool as your preferred transportation style? I can name a minimum of 10 reasons! I like the convenience of vanpooling; I love that it offers another transportation alternative to help save the environment while reducing 7 cars on our crowded freeways; I save money; I earn money; I have more time once I arrive to work; I have a better work schedule which guarantees I will leave work timely; I have a guaranteed transportation to work and home; I prolong the life of my personal vehicle, and I use less gas, and I’ve met an awesome group of new friends.


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Commuter Champions: The CalSTRS BikeSTRS

Names (left to right): Ed Keller, Jesse Darden, Gabe Gandara, Tom Barrett, Brian Yeung, Kathleen Arceo, and Pablo Bermudez

Employer: CalSTRS

Mode type? Bike. How long have you been commuting by bike? Some of us since the 70’s and all of us as often as we can.

What inspires you to choose biking as your preferred transportation style? We are inspired to bike because we know that biking makes you feel like a kid again. We support alternative transportation because it improves air quality and reduces traffic. We support reducing emissions through healthy bike riding and encourage alternative methods of getting to work to support CalSTRS’ commitment to sustainability and its LEED certification.

Most bizarre experience while commuting by bike: nearly all of our bike commutes include some entertainment or adventure. We enjoy the occasional animal sighting: deer, rattlesnakes, coyotes along the Bike Trail. We have also chanced upon two retired teachers who walk the bike trail during our commute and had a chance to chat. You don’t get that opportunity commuting by car.  

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Total Trips: 44

Registered Users: 1,185

Trips Pledged: 10,025

Top Trip Replacers

Name Trips
F. Bracht 4
A. Panoushek 4
M. Williams 3
G. Oxford 2
R. Glenn 2
N. JV 2
K. Moore 2
M. McKenna 2
R. Morrison 2
R. Steel 2
Name Trips
Alchemist CDC 2
Williams + Paddon Architects + Planner 2
Name Trips
Adventist Health - Creekside Ridge 4
Meridian Media Group 2
FPI Management, Inc. 2
REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) 2
Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board 2
Name Trips
Jifflenow 2
Name Trips
UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento 4
Franchise Tax Board 2
Union Pacific Railroad Company - Roseville 2
VSP Global 2
Sutter Roseville Medical Center 2
Self-employed 1
Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits 1
Intel Folsom 1
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 1
California Highway Patrol 1
Name Trips
Sutter County 2
FTB - Audit 2